Self-Storage Vol. 2

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Self-Storage is a personal, informal contemplation of the self...specifically myself. What is the self? What is it made of? Where is it? These and other philosophical threads tangle themselves into knots in my mind from time to time, but I haven't lost much sleep. I remain willfully, blissfully ignorant of the real magnitude of those fundamental questions of human consciousness. However, I often return to the idea of self-storage—not a physical space for excess material goods, but a place to store the metaphysical self. A place to gather and inspect the bits and pieces accumulated and internalized over the years. Not necessarily large, lofty, world-view type stuff, but bits of mental string and fuzz you didn't even notice had been hitching a ride. Each patterned page is paired with a word or phrase I found in my mental scrap heap. I'm not sure what they mean to me, if they mean anything at all. The result is both an inventory and an exorcism.