If you are what you eat, then it stands to reason that you are what you keep as well. I've been an ephemera junkie since I was old enough to hold a pair of scissors, but sharing what I find and keep is just as much fun as collecting and cataloging it. 

Moodboard Monday // 2014–Present

These moodboards are comprised of images I have gathered here and there over the past five years. I think of this as my analog Pinterest. Below are a few of my favorite compositions - view the full collection on Flickr.

Security Envelopes // 2012–Present

I have an incurable fascination with patterns. Combine that with an appreciation for ordinary and readily available materials, and follow it to its obvious conclusion: a collection of security envelopes. So far, I've gathered 123 unique designs. Who knew there were so many?!? Below are a few of my favorites, but you can view the entire collection on Flickr.

Moleskine Cahier // 2012–2014

I'm not much for sketching directly on the page; I prefer collecting bits of this and that over time, until I have a perfectly curated collection. I'm so reluctant to commit anything permanently to the page that most of the contents are affixed with itty-bitty pieces of masking tape. Judge not, y'all. What follows are the highlights—if you'd like to see this book in its entirety, check it out on Flickr.